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International preschool in Riga "Laimes Lacis"


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International preschool Laimes lacis is a licenced private preschool education institution. We are a modern kindergarten that aims to create the best possible conditions for comprehensive child development. A place, that children attend with joy, where they spend time in a fun and productive way and often don't want to go home in the evening. 


Our strenghts:

 - new spacious buildings designed specifically as a kindergarten;

 - closed and guarded territory;

 - large roofed stadium, where each group on a regular basis has a physical education class with a sports teacher;

 - probably the most elaborate and comprehensive pre-school education program in Latvia, as our classes are run by experienced, qualified specialists:​

   1. ice skating coach (figure skating + hockey);

   2. аrtistic gymnastics coach

   3. teacher of fine arts             

   4. music teacher 

   5. teacher of choreography and rhythm

   6. psychologist

   7. English teacher

   8. yoga instructor 

   9. teacher of reading and mathematics

  10. robotics teacher

  11. speech therapist

  12. sports teacher

  13. swimming instructor (swimming classes take place for children of all age groups, during the swimming class the parent is in the water together with his child)

  14. cross-country skiing instructor (in winter season)

  15. horse riding coach (only in the warm season)

- parents are actively involved in the learning process;

- trips, sightseeing and other activities outside the kindergarten;

- a lot of festive events for children and their families during the year;

- large and diverse playground;

- friendly and helpful staff;

- special attention is paid to active and healthy lifestyle;


- on-site professional catering;

- on-site cooked 4 meals a day;

- one of the most elaborate pre-school meals menu in Latvia;

- the children eat in specially equipped dining room;

- spacious school hall for festive events;

- swimming pool;


- we accept children from the age of one and a half years;

- we work all year round (also in summer);

- working hours are from 7:00 to 19:00;

- it is convenient to arrive both by car and by public transport.

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